I am passionate about helping people become healthier and happier. I can work with you on any issue that might have an impact on your well-being, which can be those listed below (but not exclusively) 

  • a job or career issue 
  • Unable to do something you want to do effectively or efficiently
  • a relationship issue 
  • a business issue 
  • a health issue, either psychologically or physically, particularly psycho-somatic symptoms 
  • feeling overwhelmed by an exacting legal battle 
  • feeling devastated by loosing someone close 
  • a parenting issue, such as being unable to motivate your child(ren) to learn effectively and efficiently 

I can also empower you to 

  • build up your stress coping capacities
  • develop resilience and resourcefulness
  • boost your confidence 
  • dig out your potential 
  • develop and maximise your problem resolving capacities 
  • discover your creativity 

Please ring now for an initial 30 minutes free consultation to discover if you and I have chemistry to work together before booking your 1st session. 


  • Dig deep - most therapists focus on listening to you to help you explore who you are, what makes who you are and what you’re good at et al, which hardly touches the base of solutions. My coaching works towards solutions. It is focused on what resources and skills you have to copy with changes and challenges, what obstacles prevent you from moving forward, what matters most to you in your life, which additional resources might be beneficial to you and how to acquire them 
  • Creative - look into matters from different perspectives and cultures, integrate a wide range of tools into your action plan to reach the harmony of body, mind and soul
  • Holistic approach - each of the coaching packages includes half an hour to three hours tuition of the followings at your choice
  • Taiji, mindfulness or medication 
  • Martial arts movements 
  • Traditional Chinese Dance movements
  • Traditional Chinese Calligraphy 
  • You can also experience acupressure if preferred 

After we finish working together, you will be greatly inspired,motivated and energised, and become clear about where you’re heading, and possess a high level of positiveness and confidence in yourself as well as get excited about your future life. 

Life is not a bed full of roses even though you only live once, but it’s up to you to decide how you want to live when as many as possible options are being given. 


  • 100% unconditional support and email access to me between sessions
  • Empathy, non judgemental attitude and complete confidentiality 
  • Face to face sessions in Central London, Ealing Broadway or Stratford, or via Skype
  • Discovering your strength, interests, values and potential
  • Ensuring you’ll always be working towards meaningful and positive life goals
  • Practical and results-proven tools that enable you to reach your goal(s) in a timely manner 

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