Laozi - author of Tao Te Ching 


  • Encountering a life challenge and feeling overwhelmed, such as having an employment or career issue, having a health issue, having a relationship problem or going through a divorce, looking after someone seriously ill, getting stuck in a complicated legal battle, or losing loved one(s) et al? 
  • Feeling lack of motivation and directions 
  • Feeling disconnected and lack of confidence & hope 
  • Feeling unable to move forward from previous tragic and traumatic happenings? 
  • Feeling that having someone to confide your difficulties or struggles is no longer working? 
  • Having psychosomatic symptoms or medically unexplained problems as a result of enduring a large amount of stress, psychological and emotional pain? 
  • Not sure if the therapies received are the most appropriate and effective? 
  • Receiving routine NHS or private psychological therapies but finding them not that helpful or no longer beneficial, and wanting to look into matters holistically and creatively...?

Faxian - Chinese Buddhist Master 


I had encountered a series of devastating life adversities, more than those listed at the top of this webpage. Objectively speaking any single one of the traumatic incidents could have easily knocked one down completely or made one develop destructive behaviours or living patterns , but I eventually survived with a positive, healthy, strong and creative mind as well as enthusiasm for life.  

Possessing a wide range of knowledge on health and well-beingrelated subjects might have placed me in a better position to obtain help from various healthcare professionals in a timely manner. But on the other hand I did sense the limitations of the routine psychological services offered by the current healthcare system. 

I had endeavoured to dig deep and hold myself tightly through searching for new resources and acquire new skills to maximise my resilience and problem solving capacities. So had I tried harder to contemplate human life and sufferings from alternative perspectives, such as wisdom embedded in Eastern philosophy, Buddhism...


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